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A Socio-medical Study on Morbidity in Rural (Farm) Population

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(4):41-65
The author conducted a forward survey during 1
year period from September 1, 1962 through August
31, 1963 for the purpose of knowing the morbidity
concerning on various sicknesses and injuries among
rural population in Korea.
In this survey. about 3,000 farm households, narnely,
around 20,000 persons were sampled applying area
sampling method and 3 interviews each month were
conducted at each farm households.
It was summarized as follows;
1) Living status; Average farm size per household
sampled stands at 2979±830 pyong: Mean housing
area and total room area per household were 14.6
± 12.4 pyong and 3.0±2.7 Kan respectively.
The 89.4% of total households were not to read
any daily newspaper but 60.7% had radio set.
2) Month-and sex-specific morbidity; In summer morbidity
showed in large number among both male
and female population, and in autumn least. Compared
with the total period of sickness days, days
treated were remarkably short.
3) Sick duration; The number of cases per capita
during 1 year among whole population was 2.28
in male and 2.22 in female; total sickness days,
70.4 in male and 64.2 in female; bed-rest days,
14.8 in male and 13.0 in female; restricted-activity
days 55.6 in male and 51.2 in female; days treated,
11.9 in male and 10.4 in female.
4) Disease-specific morbidity; The diseases of respiratory
system were found the highest rate with
24.1% of total number of cases during 1 year observation.
and the certain diseases of newborn
infants were the lowest with 0.0%
5) Age-specific morbidity; The seasonal variation was
high in younger groups and low among senoir
group, showing high in spring and fall.
6) The number of cases by farm-size bracket; Seasonal
variation was high among samll-size farming
households and comparatively low in large-size
farming households.
7) The number of cases by educational status; Almost
no significant difference was observed between
educational level of sicked persons and seasonal
occurence of cases.
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