한국사상 최초의 정신병과 이의 치료에 관한 기록
A Reference to the First Authentic Case of Mental Illness in Korea

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(1):9-11
A reference to the first authentic case of mental illness
in Korea can be found in the Samkuk·saki, the oldest
history book of Korea. In this book, it was mentioned
that during the latter part of Silla dynasty, in 822, A.
D., Chunggong, the highest ranking government official
fell ill. The court physician, upon exarrumng him, said
the ill resides on his heart and therefore prescribed the
ivory soup and days of rest. At this time a government
official named Nokjin, who probably was not a physician
himself but who apparently was well acquainted with
medicine, succeeded in seeing the lord who has been
refusing to see any visitors and heard the lord saying:
"Only dark and mute. My mind is unpleasant". Upon
which Nokjin said not an ivory soup nor any other medicine
but "right words and sophisticated talk" would
cure him. Chunggong wanted to hear Nokjin's words and
asked Nokjin's help. Following a talk Chunggong was
cured and went back to work. The King was impressed
and wanted to share the pleasure with the crown prince.
Chunggong, the government minister of Silla, in 822,
A.D., suffered from depression and was cured by Nokjin;
his "right words and sophisticated talk". This is the first
recorded case of mental illness in Korea and also the
first psydhotherapy in Korea.
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