한국인태아 외이도, 고막 및 이소골의 발육에 관한 연구
Morphological Studies of Development of External Auditory Meatus, Tympanic Membrane and Auditory Ossicles of Korean Fetuses

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(1):29-54
The measurements of various items on the external auditory meatus, anulus tyrnpanicus. tympanic membrane
and auditory ossicles have been done on 456 cases(252 of
male, 204 of female) of Korean fetuses aged from 4th
month until 10 th month. Beside the monthly and sexual
averages on each of the items, the various indices of the
above measurements over the body weight and the body
length are calculated for analysis of the developing
1. The normal mean value of each of the measurements
is presented.
2. The velocity of the increment of each of various
diameters, such as, lengths, widths and thicknesses in
successive fetal months is comparatively rapid until 6th
month, and it is relatively slow after 6 th month.
3. To the contrary, gain of weight in each of various
measured weights is slow until 7th month, and then. it
is rapid after 7th month.
4. Index of each of the various diameters to the body
length at the 5th month is continuously decreased with
the time until 10th month.
5. Index of the weight of anulus tympanicus to the
body weight is increased rapidly in successive fetal months
after 7th month, whereas, that of the stapes is decreased
rapidly. Those of the mal1eus and incus at 8th and 9th
month, however, are shown a relatively high value and
are followed by a regression at the last month,
6. The ossification of each of the auditory ossicles is
completed before birth. Among them, those of the head
and neck of the malleus, and body of the incus are
completed at 7th month, while those for the rest of
them are completed at 10th month.
7, On the above measurements none of the sexual
differences are considered.
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