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Transport of Antipyrine Across Liver Surface

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김희준; 신동훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(2):1-7
Transport of antipyrine across the surface layer of
liver of a rabbit was observed by analyzing the hepatic
venous blood specimens obtained through a polyethylene
tubing inserted into the left renal vein and vena cava
Adult male rabbits were divided into 3 groups, In the
first group which consisted of 7 rabbits, pieces of filter
paper soaked in a solution of 2 gm% antipyrine in
isotonic saline were placed on the surface of the liver.
The area covered by the fllter paper were averaged 40
cm2• Hepatic venous blocd specimens obtained at 2 minutes,
5 minutes and every 5 minutes thereafter were aJ1alyzed
for their cr:ncentrations of antipyrine in pla~ma water. In
the course of experiments filter papers were removed
and the surface of the liver was washed with normal
saline solution in some cases, inducing outward movement
of antypyrine.
In the second group which consisted of 6 rabbits, part
of the liver W2S immersed in a soluticn of Igm%
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College of Medicine/School of Medicine (의과대학/대학원)Dept. of Medicine (의학과)The Seoul Journal of MedicineThe Seoul Journal of Medicine Vol. 08 No.2 (1967)
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