신생아의 체주 및 재태기간에 관한 연구
A Study on the Body Weight and the Gestation Period of Korean Newborn

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오진진; 이민규; 안창호; 장기완
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(2):21-25
The bedy weight and the duration of pregnancy of the
newboru from 989 pregnant women who knew the date
of tie last menstruation were analysed and the following
conclusions have been drawn.
1. The average of the body weight of the Korean
newborn i·: 3212.8 g.
2. The body weight of the male newborn is heavier
than that of the female newborn.
3. As to the times of parturition, up to the 4th the
body weight of newborn increases gradually, and after
the 5th parturition the body weight of newborn decreases
on the contrary.
4. As to the correlation between the mother age and
the body weight of the newborn, it seems that up to
the mother age of 35 the body weight of the newborn
indreases with the increasing of mother age and thereafter
the body weight of the newborn decreases with the
advance of mother age on the contrary.
5. The average of gestation period is 286.9 days.
6. The gestation period of the female newborn is a
little longer than that of the male newborn.
7. There is no significant correlation between the times
of parturition and the duration of pregnancy.
8. When the mother age is over 36, the duration of
pregnancy becomes a little longer.
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