한국인 대뇌의 상두정소엽(Brodmann 제7피질분야)의 세포구축학적 연구 보유
Contribution to the Study on the Cytoarchitectonics of the Superior Parietal Lobule of the Korean Cerebral Hemisphere

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(4):1-31
This investigation is a study on the cytoarchitectonics
of the crown of the cortex in the superior parietal lobule
of 245 Korean brains (127 brains of the male, from the
newborn to the age of 85, 118 brains of the female,
from the newborn to the age of 61). The thickness of
the total cortox and each cortical layer, the relative
neuron density and the relative glia density in (100p)3
of each cortical layer and the relative total neuron and
glia density of the cortex were observed and the results
were summarized as follows:
1. The mean thickness of the cortex in the 0-1 year
group was 1. 883-2. 067mm. which was 80-87% of the
adult cortex and increased very rapidly to 2.295-2.352
rnm, in the 2-5 year group which was 98-100 % of
the adult, and thereafter it increased to the maximum
thckness in the 11-15 year group and. then gradually
decreased to the adult mean thickness in the 21-30
year group. The mean thickness of the adult cortex
were 2.327mm in the male and 2.349mm. in the female
without left-right difference.
The thickness of the cortex increased gradually as the
brain weight increased to 1100gms and it reached maximum
value in the 1100-1199 gms. stage and thereafter
it was relatively stable.
2. The highest mean neuron density in the 0-I'year
group dropped rapidly to the adult mean value in the 6
-10 year group and following this there was no significant
changes but after 60 years of age there was found
the tendency of slight decrease. The mean neuron density
of the adult cortex was 460. 3-482. 7.
As the relationship between the neuron density and
the brain weight, it was highest in 300-400 gms, stage
of brain weight and decreased very rapidly to the adult
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