갑상선종 환자의 안증상
Ocular Changes in Hyperthyroidism

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):1-5
The ocular changes in thyrotoxicosis were investigated
in 53 patients who were referred from the
Isotope Clinic of this university.
The incidence of thyrotoxicosis was about four
times as great in females as in males with the greatest
frequency at about the third decade of life in
both sex.
About 20% of the cases showed exophthalmos which
occurred in patients whose duration of goiter was
more than 3 years and who have been given medical
treatment previously.
The palpebral fissure was abnormally wide in 23
%, and lid retraction was found only in I case,
whereas the lid lag was noted in 7 patients. Power
of convergence was insufficient in 55%.
The incidence of one or more ocular changes was
75.7% and is greater in diffuse goiter than in nodular
form. These facts well agree with the reported
The intraocular pressure and scleral rigidity rema·
'ned within the normal ranges and visual fields for
3/1. 000 red and blue were within normal limits.
Of the 15 patients who were treated with radioiodine-
Ldl and followed for 2-8 months, exophthalmos
increased in 47% and improved in 20%. The width
of the palpebral fissure and near point of convergence
improved much better than proptosis., However, lid
retraction and lid lag tend to persist after control of
systemic toxicosis. No significant change was noted
in intraocular pressure and scleral rigidity.
Ocular manifestations are found not to be related
to the severity of the systemic toxic signs and syrnptoms.
In 41 non·toxic goiter, clinically similar ocular
changes, except lid retraction and lid lag, were
observed with less frequency. The results of the
treatment with radio-iodine showed the same tendency
as found in the toxic goiter.
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