Euthyroidism 및 Hyperthyroidism 환자 혈청단백의 Agar Gel Electrophoretic Analysis
Agar Gel Electrophoretic Analysis of Serum Proteins derived from pPatients with Euthyroidism and those with Hyperthyroidism

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):7-9
1) An agar gel electrophoresis was carried out in
order to elucidate the serum protein patterns
derived from 4 cases of nontoxic goiters (euthyroidism)
and 13 cases of toxic goiters (hyperthyroidism).
2) The serum protein patterns of nontoxic goiters
(Table D showed in general remarkable increase
of globulin. especially of gamma globulin in cost
of albumin which is distinctly decreased. presumably
owing to a hypofunction or and dysfunction
of the thyroid caused by its primary disease.
3) Those of toxic goiters contained a good deal of
varieties in the relative percentages of their fraction.
Following points are thought to be noticeable:
(a) Albumin remained normal or in slightly changed
values in 10/13 of the cases tested.
(b) Alpha-I failed to be separated in 6/13 of the
(c) Alpha-S increased more than normal in 12/13
of the cases.
(d) The elevation of the amount of beta was
aproved only in 4/13 of the cases.
(e) Gamma increased more than normal in 11/13
of the cases tested.
4) The changes enumerated above in 2) and 3) are
by no means specific for euthyroidism and hyperthyroidism
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