직업적 급혈자의 빈혈에 관한 연구(제2보)
An Anemia Study on Professional Blood Donors(Report 2)

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):51-57
In order to observe iron metabolism in iron deficiency
anemia, the ferrokinetics using Fe59 were
studied in 22 professional donors, who had severe
anemia due to repeated donations.
The following results were obtained. As a control
five healthy adult males were also studied.
1. All the donors had lower than normal values
of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and
serum iron.
2. Plasma iron disappearance in all donors was
shorter than that in normal adults.
3. Plasma iron turnover In the donors was nearly
twice as rapid as that in the control group.
4. All donors had a higher utilization ratio than
the control group, and the duration of time to
reach the highest utilization ratio was shorter
in the donors.
5. Red cell iron turnover in the donors was increased
about twice that found the control group.
6. Plasma iron pool in the donors was about one
half that found in the control group.
7. Daily iron pool turnover was increased four
times in the donors.
8. The decrease in total red cell iron in the donors
was more marked than that in the control
9. When the donors were in the anemic state due
to repeated donations, the plasma volume in
the anemic donors was increased and the red
cell volume was decreased, but the total circulating
blood volume was not markedly changed
-normovolemic state of anemia.
10. In vivo radioactive iron uptake was no different
in the donors and the controls, but radioactive
iron absorption by the bone marrow was more
rapid in the donors although levels quickly
dropped lower than in normal adults.
11. It is concluded that the anemia of the professional
donors is a typical Iron deficiency anemia.
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