한국인과 백인 및 흑인과의 혼혈아에 대한 체질 인류학적 연구
Anthropological Studies fo Korean-White and Korean-Negro Hybrids

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):63-77
In the anthropometric studies of the soft parts
such as the skin color, hair color and its types. iris
color. mongolian spot, mongolian fold, double eyelid,
Darwin's tubercle, blood types, finger prints, etc., On
two half-breed groups 097 of white-Koreans and 93
of negro-Koreans). the author achieved the following
1) Skin color: The basic color of the skin of the
forehead in the white-Korean hybrid group was an
-The Seoul Journal of Medicine: Vol. 2, No. 1-
average 3.75 and revealed more reddish hue than
found in this skin of Koreans, but more yellowish
than that of the white subjects.
In scala, DB was 22.8% as the most common, FC,
EB and FB were reduced in order. These groups
tend to deviate to the left side of the scala, i.e., the
white hue side of the table (Kaneko's).
The basic color of the skin of the chest was an
average 3.68 and revealed more yellow hue than the
'skin of the forehead.
In scala, DB was 45.2% as the most common,
EC, EB and FE declined in order.
On the upper arm (medial side), the basic color was
an average 30.6 and in the scala, DB was 33.5%,
BC 34.0% and FC, EB and CA declined in order.
In the mixed proportion of pure, white and black
color of the skin, the forehead was 30.1 % in pure, 34.2
% in white and 35.7% in black color. The result
therefore, was not an average product of the hues
.of the two races but the white race hue predomin.
The hue proportions of the chest were found to
be 26.3% pure, 39.4% white and 34.3% black, and
those of the upper arm 26.1% pure, 39.1% white and
34.8% black. Accordingly the skin of the upper arm
showed a greater proportion of white than the forehead.
There was no evidence of any significant age,
differentiation in the skin color.
In the Korean-negro group, the basic color of the
forehead was an average 3.95, i. e., significantly
higher than in Korean subjects, and tending toward
a reddish hue. In scala, HD was 12.9% as the most
common, LE, ID, GD and IF declined in order.
The basic color of the chest was an average 3·91.
FC was 21.5% as the most common, and RD, IE,
GD and KE decreased in order of the scala.
On the upper arm, the basic color was an average
3.82 and GD was 18.4% as the most common, IE,
FC and HD declined in order of the scala.
The proportions of pure, white and black hues of
the skin of the forehead were 26.3% pure, 17.7%
white and 56.0% black. The percentage of the black
hue tended to be closer to that found in the Korean
subjects, rather than being the mean product of this
hue in both races. The white hue percentage was
.an average of those found in the skins of the negro
and Korean subjects.
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