한국인 구순의 체질인류학적 연구 제2편 구순형태의 생태관찰성적
Anthropological Studies on the Mouth of Koreans Part II. Somatoscopic Study on the Mouth

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(3):19-29
For stornatoscopic study on the mouth of normal
Korean. observations were made on sulcus naso-Iabialis.
protrudeness of upper and lower vermilion borders.
juncture line both vermilion borders. lateral view of
upper lip and thickness of vermilion border in 2822
cases. Of the total cases. the 1763 cases were male
and the 1059 cases were female. and ages ranged
from 6 to 30. In addition. further study was made on
the chronological change. difference in sexes and
comparison with other races .
Result of Studies:
1) Sulcus naso-Iabialis is usually obscure in the earlier
ages but distinctive mostly in the grown ages. In
radical comparison. Korean is more distinctive than
Chinese but less than Mongolian. Distinctive cases
are male 63.58±2.01% and female 57.30±2.90%
obseure cases are male 36.40±2.01% and female
2) In protrudeness of upper and lower vermilion borders.
the both borders line almost vertically. The
rate of verticality is higher than Japanese. lower
than Mongolian and generally same as Chinese.
Vertical line cases are male 57.03±2.07% and female
56.08±2.41% upper protrusion cases are male
37.34±2.02% and female 36.54±2.14% lower protrusion
cases are male 5.60±0.95% and female 7.34
3) The frontal view of mouth shows that it is mostly
convex. It is slightly higher in convex than that of
Chinese. Convex cases are male 62.52±2.02% and
female 68.93±2.72% straight cases are male 27.80
±1.87% and female 22.84±2.46% concave cases are
male 9.66±I.23% and female 8.21±1.61 %.
4) The lateral view shows that the upper lip of Korean
belongs to "Procheilie" type.
"Procheilie" are male 96.32±1.04% and female
91.01±1.68% "orthocheilie" are male 6.67±1.04%
and female 8.99±1.68%.
5) The thickness of vermilion border belongs to moderate
form. Thick cases are male 35.30±2.00% and
female 31.16±2.73% Moderate cases are male 64.50
±2.00% and female 68.43±2.73%.
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