담즙의 화학적 및 약리학적 연구
Chemical Investigation and Pharmacological Action of Urushiol

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(3):99-117
Extracts was obtained from the sap flowing from
the stump of Rhus Verniciflua Stokes by using alcohoI
and ether as solvents.
Urushiol was obtained by distilling this obtained
extract fractionally.
The following materials are separated from urushiol
through the means of Aluminium column chromatography
by which mixture solvent (ethylether, ethyl
alcohol and chlorform) was used:
a) Triolefinic component(A fraction), which has
3 double bonds.
b) Diolefinic component(B fraction), which has
2 double bonds.
c) Monoolefinic component(C fraction), which has
1 double bond.
d) Hydrourushiolr D fraction), which is fully saturated.
These materials were chemically confirmed, and B
fraction was converted to Mehtyl ether to compare
with free hydroxyl group in B fraction. The following
experiments were done in order to study the
relationship between the above said chemical structures
and physiological means. These experiments were
done under the consideration that the nucleous of
urushiol, which is used as Anthelmintics among the
country people, is homologue to with of Hexylresorci
nol. These experiments were on anthelmintic and general pharmacological actions of urushiol. And the
tissue reaction phenomena intensity and toxicity of
each fraction of urushiol were comparatively experimented.
The intensity of tissue reaction phenomena
increased in proportion the increase of the double
bonds of the side chain of urushiol, but its toxicity
decreased on urushiol. Hydroxyl radical in the nucleous
of urushiol influenced a little on the intensity of
action, not on the physiological actions. Accordingly
the effective factor is the side chain and the double
bonds in the side chain.
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