Colonial Media Space and the Intelligentsia in Kyŏngsŏng during the 1920s and 1930s: The Case of Choi Seung-Il’s Life History

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Lee, Sang Gil
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Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Korean Social Sciences Review(KSSR), Vol.3 No.1, pp. 133-181
Choi Seung-ilColonial Media SpaceIntelligentsiaJODK Kyŏngsŏng Broadcasting StationFilm VolunteerKorea
Translated from the article published in Journal of Communication Research vol. 47,

no. 1 (February 2010): 121-169, with permission from the Seoul National University

Institute of Communication Research
This study attempts to reconstitute the life history of Choi Seung-il (崔承一, 1901-?), a famous Korean intellectual of the colonial period. It especially focuses on his media career. As did his many fellow literati, Choi played an active part in diverse media and cultural arenas. During the period of 1920-1930s, he held various positions (magazine editor, writer, play director, radio program director, stage manager, etc.) with a socialist orientation in the Korean cultural scene. He also wrote several “moderrnologist” essays on the media culture in Kyŏngsŏng. However, he became a “pro-Japanese” film producer in the late 1930s, and produced Volunteer, a militarist propaganda movie. We assume that Choi’s media career and writings reveal, beyond his personal idiosyncrasy, the specific relationship between colonial media space and the intelligentsia. In this context, we try to clarify this relationship, conceptualizing media space as an important “structural space of opportunity” and “phenomenological space of experience” for the colonial intelligentsia. Choi’s life history clearly shows how the colonial intelligentsia continued to reconstruct media space by his thoughts and activities.
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