Lentivirus-mediated carboxyl-terminal modulator protein gene transfection via aerosol in lungs of K-ras null mice

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Hwang, S-K; Kwon, J-T; Park, S-J; Chang, S-H; Lee, E-S; Chung, Y-S; Jr, GR Beck; Lee, KH; Piao, L; Park, J; Cho, Myung-Haing
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Nature Publishing Group
Gene Ther 2007; 14: 1721-1730
aerosol gene deliveryCTMPAkt1lung cancerlentivirus system
The low efficiency of conventional therapies in achieving long-term survival of lung cancer patients calls for development of novel options. Aerosol gene delivery may provide the alternative for safe and effective treatment for lung cancer. Therefore, current study was performed to elucidate the potential effects of C-terminal modulator protein (CTMP) via aerosol on lung tumorigenesis. Lentiviral vector-CTMP was delivered into K-ras null lung cancer mice through the nose-only inhalation system for 30 min. After 48 h, the potential effects of CTMP on Akt1-related signals and cell cycle regulation in the lungs were evaluated by western blot, immunohistochemistry and zymography. Lentivirus-based CTMP delivery inhibited the Akt1 activity through selective suppression of Akt1 phosphorylation at Ser473. Aerosol delivery of CTMP inhibited proteins important for Akt1 signals, cell cycle and tumor metastasis in lungs of K-ras null mice. Together, our results suggest that lentivirus-mediated aerosol delivery of CTMP may be compatible with noninvasive in vivo gene therapy. Our results emphasize the importance of noninvasive-targeted delivery of CTMP for lung cancer therapy in the future. While the studies are conducted in mice, it is envisioned that noninvasive targeting the specific genes responsible for cancer progression is an attractive strategy for effective anticancer therapeutics.
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