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Effects of Experimental Intraocular Foreign Bodies on the Retina

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1973;14(1):37-42
2~3mm3 particles of iron, copper, lead, and glass
were inserted into rabbits' vitreous cavity experimentally.
The ocular findings were followed up by ophthalmoscopic
and slit lamp examinations, and pathologic
findings were observed with harnatoxylin-eosin
stained specimens prepared serially for six months
after insertion of the foreign bodies.
1. glass and iron particles did not result in any
pathological changes on the retina after intraocular
retention of foreign bodies for six months.
2. Iron particles were deposited on the ciliary
epithelium after four weeks' intraocular retention.
3. Diffuse degenerative changes of the retina.
destrucion of retinal cellular elements, loss of ganglion
cells and gliosis were noted after four weeks'
retention of lead particle.
4. Very Revere intraocular inflammatory reaction
ariscd four weeks after introduction of copper
particles into the vitreous cavity.
5. In no cases, pathologic changes of the retina
were noted within two weeks after introduction of
any foreign bodies into the rabbits' vitreous cavities.
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