조선시대 실록부록의 편찬과 보존 - 『端宗大王實錄附錄』을 중심으로
The Complication and Preservation of the Supplements of the Annals in the Joseon Dynasty - Centered on 『Danjongㆍdaewangㆍsillokㆍburok(端宗大王實錄附錄)』 -

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.62, pp. 161-197
기록기록물실록부록표제단종대왕실록부록recordsdocumentariesthe Supplements of the Annals, NosangunㆍIlgi(魯山君一記)Danjongㆍdaewangㆍsillokㆍburok(端宗大王實錄附錄)
Joseon Dynasty had enshrined the Silloks(Dynasty’s annals) in its national history books storehouses, trying to preserve them permanently as ‘records’ and ‘documentaries’ Preserving Silloks as ‘record’ was to make them the references for government operation by preserving the contents of Silloks. Joseon government had taken care of Silloks, the substantial ‘documentary’ where records were contained, and managed the buildings of history books storehouses where Silloks were enshrined, taking all the measures to preserve Silloks.

Many Silloks had appendix or supplement that included the life’s story, profile and bomb’s bearings of the late king as well as Sichaekmun(諡冊文) and Aechaekmun(哀冊文). Appendices were recorded at the end of main records while supplements were bound separately. Five copies of appendices or supplements were enshrined at the storehouse of Chunchugwan(春秋館) and one copy was presented to king at the same day.

This article examined the compilation and preservation of the appendices and supplements of Silloks by analyzing 『Danjongㆍdaewangㆍsillokㆍburok(端宗大王實錄附錄)』(奎14153) that is in existence at Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies. King Danjong was demoted to Nosangun(魯山君) in 1457 then restored to Danjong in 1698. While the record of 『NosangunㆍIlgi(魯山君一記)』 was preserved as it was, the title was replaced with ‘Danjongㆍdaewang(端宗大王)’ in 1704 and 『Danjongㆍdaewangㆍsillokㆍburok(端宗大王實錄附錄)』 was compiled to explain the title change.
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