線型計劃法에 대한 Khachiyan 方法의 응용연구
The Application of Khachiyan's Algorithm for Linear Programming: State of the Art

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한국경영과학회 = The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society
한국OR학회지, 제6권, 제1호(1981), pp. 65-70
L.G. Khachiyan's algorithm for solving a system of strict (or open) linear inequalities
with integral coefficients is described. This algorithm is based on the construction
of a sequence of ellipsoids in Rn of decreasing n-dimensional volume and containing
feasible region. The running time of the algorithm is polynoinial in the number
of bits of computer core memory required to store the coefficients. It can be applied
to solve linear programming problems in polynomially bounded time by the duality
theorem of the linear programming problem. But it is difficult to use in solving
practical problems. Because it requires the computation of a square roots, besides
other arithmetic operations, it is impossible to do these computations exactly with
absolute precision.
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