경사말뚝의 동적거동과 내진성능 향상을 위한 실험적 고찰
Dynamic Analysis of Inclined Piles and Countermeasures against their Vulnerability

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김재홍; 황재익; 한진태; 김명모
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한국지진공학회 = Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea
한국지진공학회 추계학술발표회 제5권 제2호, pp.107-114
When group pile supporting structures are to be subjected to large lateral loads, generally, batter piles are used in froup pile with vertical piles. It is well known that batter piles resist lateral static loads which are acted upon the piles as axial forces quite well but, they show a poor performance under seismic loads. However, it is not yet known how the batter piles behave under dynamic loading an how to strengthen the batter piles to improve the seismic performance.
Shaking table tests were performed to inversigate the seismic behavior of the batter pile and to bring up the countermeasures to improve the seismic performance. As the result o the shaking table terst, batter piles failed due to not only the ecxessive increase of compressive force near the pile head but also that of tensile force. In case that the pile head was connected with pile cap by rubber joint, the max acceleration at the pile cap was reduced due to the high damping ratio of rubber and the max moment and max axial force at the pile head was decreased remarkably. When the inclinatins(V.H)of the batter pile were 8:3 and 8:4, max moment, max shear force, and max axial force were reduced notably and max, acceleration and max, displacement at the pile cap was diminished, too.
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