民謠에서의 律格과 音樂의 관계
Meter and it’s Relationship to Music(Found in Folk Songs)

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서울대학교 음악대학 동양음악연구소
민족음악학, Vol.14, pp. 119-136
Most discussions on the meter in folk songs have excluded the musical points of view even though folk songs are traditional poetic songs with singing as the main me-dium.

In this study, I have placed emphasis on the ways in which a singer places the text to the song when singing. I have found that there exists a fixed rule in the placement of text and found also there were some viewpoints over looked in the basic meter theory.

In folk songs, only when the singer is meter-conscious at the base point of textplacing,

there will be a good match of meter with music. Verse in folk song is usually

carries this aspect. And , in this case, a singer may think that the foot is the measure-

ment by which to place text, but in folk songs, the use of foot is somewhat different.
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