북한의 서사 교육
Narrative Education of North Korea

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.17, pp. 381-425
북한의 문학 교육북한 서사 교육의 내용교육 방법론North Korea’s literature educationsubstance in narrative education of North KoreaInstruction methodology of narrative subject
This research paper studies in North Korea's literature education and substance

in narrative education of North Korea.

(1) A contents characteristic of narative in text book:

The protagonist in narrative subject is 'a revolutionist in chu-che ideology'. They show hero that sacrifice oneself for Soo-Ryong and one's native country.

Contents in narrative subject include class struggle and protagonist fight for the


the characterization of Soo-Ryung portrayed in textbooks of North Korea. The characterization of Soo-Ryung takes an important role in the theory of North Korean literature. In this literature theory 'Soo-Ryung' characterize an excellent model of Communist. In this sense, 'Soo-Ryung characterization' is basis of 'Chu-Che literature theory' There are three ways in which Soo-Ryung is described in North Korean textbooks: first, Soo-Ryung as the omnipotent; Soo-Ryung describes the Almighty.

second, Soo-Ryung as a father: Soo-Ryung describes kindly father. and Soo-Ryung as a mutual supporter with people.:

third, Kim's Family as a revolutionary pioneer.:They are good follower of Soo-Ryung and reader of people.

Through this analysis, it is concluded that the peculiarity of the literature of

North Korea lies on recognizing the aesthetic and the political aspects in an integrated way.

(2) Instruction methodology of narrative subject:

“Reading" is important matter in North Korea's narrative subject education. “Reading instruction" covers all Korean education fields from ‘learn letter' to ‘cultivate Chu-Che ideology’ narrative subject in people' s school textbook are used more of a teaching material for learning pronounciation and orthography than material analysis on contents. A literary apprehension to textbook are practiced grade over high school speaking education are related to reading edaucation. speaking education are composed of apprehension to textbook and speech system and speech emotion, speech manner. And writing education shows characteristics of North Korea

literature that stress on ideological aspect rather than liberal writing that give

priority to private person.
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