Human health risk assessment of explosives and heavy metals at a military gunnery range

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Ryu, Hyerim; Han, Joon Kyung; Jung, Jae Woong; Bae, Bumhan; Nam, Kyoungphile
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Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 29, 259-269
ExplosivesHeavy metalsMilitary gunnery rangeRisk assessment
In this research, a risk assessment was
undertaken in order to develop the
remediation and management strategy of a contaminated gunnery site, where a nearby flood controlling reservoir is under
construction. Six chemicals, including explosives and heavy metals, posing potential risk to environmental and human health, were targeted in this study. A sitespecific conceptual site model was constructed, based on effective, reasonable exposure pathways, to avoid any overestimation of the risk. Also, conservative default values were adapted to prevent underestimation of the risk when site-specific values were not available. The risks posed by the six contaminants
were calculated using the API’s Decision Support System for Exposure and Risk Assessment, with several assumptions. In the crater-formed-area (Ac), the non-carcinogenic risks (i.e., HI values) of trinitro-toluene (TNT) and Cd were slightly larger than 1, but for RDX (Royal Demolition Explosives) was over 50. The total non-carcinogenic risk of the whole gunnery range was calculated to be 62.5, which was a significantly high value. The carcinogenicity of Cd was estimated to be about 10-3, while that for Pb was
about 5×10-4, which greatly exceeded the generally acceptable carcinogenic risk level of 10-4–10-6. It was concluded from the risk assessment that there is an immediate need for remediation of both carcinogens
and non-carcinogens before construction of the reservoir. However, for a more accurate risk assessment, further specific estimations of the changes in environmental conditions due to the construction of
the reservoir will be required; and more over, the effects of the pollutants to the ecosystem will also need to be evaluated.
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