The Analysis of Aesthetic Aspects in Ivan Bunin`s Prose Narratives

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Lee, Sangryong
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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.3, pp. 27-56
In his prose narrative, Bunin focuses on the achievement of the extreme density and compactness through various techniques. He is all the time interested in keeping the harmony between the emphasis of the themes and the structural form of his prose works. This kind of experimental treatment of the composition of the structure from the standpoint of aesthetics creates an evocative artistic unity, and it serves as an essential clement In Bunin's narrative.

To this day, criticism of Bunin convincingly asserts that he was, above all also, a meticulous stylist, a sharply discriminating and fastidious preteritioner of his craft. However, it implies a certain narrowness of outlook, an excessive preoccupation with formal perfection that allegedly explains the impression of coldness his prose tends to convey. Clearly, Bunin is not a writer to everyone's taste, however, it does not justify the assertion that his prose is as dry and detached as he was. Of course, his narrative manner is calmly controlled. The surging emotions of his

protagonists are conveyed through a cool, restrained narrative exposition.

Throughout his literary career, Bunin had paid attention to the artistic effect, which is created by using of the lyrical perception of nature, the artistic unity of narrative tempo and tension, and the compactness of style. Considering the aesthetic quality, Bunin is always aware of the mutual relationship between the theme, structure, and style. In his prose narrative, trying to harmonize the correspondence of "form" and "content", Bunin all the time attempts to achieve aesthetic artistry under the unity of thematic development. In this aspect, Bunin succeeds in creating an authentic artistic unity through dynamic fusion of the theme, the composition of plot, the simplicity of language, and the clarity of style. In doing so, Bunin achieves the essential value of his literary creativity.
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