Изменения в русском языке в конце века
Changes in the Russian Language at the End of the Century

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Кронгауз, М. А.
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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.10 No.1, pp. 221-242
In the paper there are considered changes occured in the Russian language in the last thirty years in corresponding social context, that is 70th -90th years of the XX century. That period is of the particular interest due to the fact that it is post-perestroika period when linguistic changes has significantly speeded up. An attempt of a Russian person of 70th to communicate with another one of 90th could have failed due to a simple language incomprehension and also perhaps due to uncompatibility of their linguistic behaviour. That could be confirmed by Russian lexicon to have been drastically modified, with enormous number of new words and meanings appeared (adoptions among them) and a number of words just dissappeared. A concept of «Soviet» discourse is defined, based on such phenomena as speech rituals and diglossia, coexistence of two forms of language: ordinary Russian and newspeak (the Soviet language). The two forms are implemented in different almost never crossing areas. For the newspeak it is ritual usage that is typical. There are characteristic features of the Soviet language described in the paper, first of all semantic and pragmatic ones.

The 90th years are characterized by destruction of the old system. First of all, there has been modified public speech. Of special interest for the research are swear-words as well as forms of address, that is the spheres mostly exposed to social factors influence. For modern discourse the

following is typical: confusion of styles, and subsystems within the language, strong influence of external factors (first of all the English language), and priority of individual characteristics vs. social ones. In the conclusion there is estimated society reflexion on the language development.
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