현대 러시아어에서의 접속사 A와 HO - 그 의미적, 화용적 기능의 변별성
‘A’ and ‘HO’ in Modem Russian - Their Semantic and Pragmatic Differences

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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.11 No.1, pp. 97-127
The study explores semantic and pragmatic functions of the coordinating conjunctions A and HO in Modern Russian. They have been often considered as interchangeable in the sense of the denial of expectation or contradiction.

Previous studies have tried to explain their functional distinc tions simply in terms of the degree of contradiction between two conjoined conjuncts or objectivity/subjectivity contrast. The study maintains that the

conjunction A betrays Russian national, cultural characteristics, such as non-agency, passive, submissive or emotional attitude towards events or situations. The conjunction A shows dialogic character between two conjuncts, less control and more mobility, and puts equal semantic, pragmatic emphasis on both conjuncts. In contrast, the conjunction HO shows more monologic character, less mobility and more semantic control or constraint on the relation between the conjoined syntagms and lays heavier stress on the following conjunct: the evaluation shown in that clause can be construed as the overall evaluation of the speaker. In sum, the given study maintains that the essential functional differences between A and HO lie in the interpersonal and textual functions of these conjunctions which have an identical ideational function: A shows speaker’'s involved stance toward the narrated event and the hearer, whereas HO shows more impersonal and detached stance toward these; A shows less semantic constraints and more independent relationship between two conjuncts, whereas HO shows greater semantic control and dependence.
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Institute for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (러시아문화권연구소)러시아연구 (Russian Studies)러시아연구 Volume 11 Number 1/2 (2001)
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