L형 케이슨 안벽 구조물의 내진성 평가를 위한 진동대 시험
Shaking Table Tests for Evaluation of Seismic Performance of L-type Caisson Quay Walls

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한진태; 황재익; 이용재; 김명모
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한국지진공학회 = Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea
한국지진공학회 춘계학술발표회 제7권 제1호, pp.148-156
Shaking table tests and pseudo-static analysis were performed, in this study, on newly-designed aseismatic L-type caisson quay walls, which were constructed by extending the bottom plate of gravity quay walls into the backfill soil. The L-type quay walls are expected to give economical benefits by reducing the cross-sectional area of the wall while maintaining its aseismatic efficiency as much as the classical caisson gravity quay wall. To confirm the effectiveness of the L-type structure, the geometry of L-type quay walls were varied for shaking table tests. And, to verify the influence of backfill soils on the seismic behavior of quay walls, additional shaking table tests were performed on the L-type quay wall after the backfill soils were replaced by gravels and light materials. As a result, it was found that L-type caisson quay walls are good earthquake resistant structures but increasing the length of bottom plate did not proportionally increase the effectiveness of the structure in its aseismatic performance. Replacing the backfill soils by the gravels and light materials, contrary to our expectation, was not an effective measure in improving the seismic performance of L-type caisson quay wall.
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