지중강판 구조물의 최소토피고 평가 및 상부토피 보강 방안
Evaluation of minimum depth of soil cover and reinforcement of soil cover above soil-steel bridge

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정현식; 이종구; 조성민; 김명모
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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 봄학술발표회, pp.425-432, 서울, 2004년 3월 25-26일
soil-steel structurenumerical analysisrelieving slabminimum depth of soil cover
In this paper, the results of the numerical analysis for the minimum depth of soil cover have been compared with those of currently suggested codes. Based on this comparoson, the minimum depth of soil cover for the structures with long spans was suggested.
Results showed that the actual depth of the soil cover required against soil failure over a circular and low-profile arch structure does not vary significantyl with the size of the span and for the circular structure, the minimum depth of the soil cover was about 1.5m, and for the low-profile arch structures, below about 1.6m. And the previously established code in which the minimum depth of soil cover is defined to linearly increase with the increase inthe span(CHBDC, 2001)was very conservative.
For the structure with the relieving slab. the maximum live load thrust was reduced by about 36 percent and the maximum moment about 81 percent. The numerical analysis gave more conservative estimation of the live-load thrusts than the other design methods.
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