연약지반에서의 말뚝기초의 설계
Design of Pile Foundatinos in Soft Deposits

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김주형; 권오성; 김명모
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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 봄학술발표회, pp.331-338, 제주, 2005년 3월 25-26일
soft depositsconsolidationnegative skin frictionneutral point bearing capacity
The negative skin friction on piles, which are installed in currently consolidating soft deposits, creates significant problems on the stability of pile foundation. This study investigated whether or not the pile foundation designs were appropriate in soft deposits with large amount of consolidation settlement. The final settlements of the grounds along the pile depth were estimated curves, if they were available. The displacement of the piles along the pile depth was estimated by both the load transfer method and the maximum axial forces. The movements of the ground and the piles were compared to calulate the down drag actin on piles. For the piles whose bearing capacities were less than the design loads including the down drag, slip layer coatings and/or incrementing of the penetration depth into the bearing stratum were proposed to improve the piles capacities.
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