A Robust Dynamic Load-balancing Scheme for Data Parallel Application on Multicomputer Systems

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Kee, Yangsuk; Ha, Soonhoi
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한국정보과학회 = Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers
Journal of Electrical Engineering and Information Science Vol. 4 No.1, pp. 105-114, 1999
data parallelismmulticomputerdynamic load balancingprocessor selection
Multicomputer systems based on message passing draw attractions in the field of high performance
computing, where loop or data parallelism is a main source of parallel processing. When exploiting parallelism
on multicomputers, however, we confront several challenging problems. First, the nodes of multicomputer
are likely to be heterogeneous with respect to computing power and workload. To minimize the elapsed time
of program, loads should be balanced according to the performance of nodes. In addition, various dynamic
failures should be managed appropriately. Lastly, selecting a proper number of nodes in a node pool is also
desirable to achieve a good performance. We propose a new dynamic load balancing scheme called RAS to
simultaneously deal with the three issues. RAS solves the load-balancing problem and dynamic failures by
a work stealing mechanism, and the processor selection problem by data distribution based on a reservation
scheme. According to our experiments on an IBM SP2 with matrix multiplication and ray tracing, RAS has
shown better performance than other algorithms such as static chunk and weighted factoring under a shared
running environment and even under the dedicated running environment.
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