Large area InAlAs/InGaAs metal semiconductor metal photodiode with very low dark current and its frequency response

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Kim, Jung Bae; Kim, Moon Jung; Kim, Sung June; Hwang, Wen-Yen; Miller, David L.; Das, Mukunda B.; Rios, J. M. M.; Lunardi, L. M.
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Opt. Quantum Electron. 27 (1997) 953
An MBE grown InGaAs metal semiconductor metal (MSM) photodiode (PD) with an
InAlAs barrier enhancement layer is reported that has very low dark current and high
speed characteristics. The detector using Cr/Au Schottky metal ®ngers with 4 lm
spacing on a large active area of 300 300 lm2 shows a low dark current of 38 nA at
10 V. This corresponds to a dark current density of 0:42 pA=lm2 and is, to our knowledge,
the best dark current ever obtained from a large area InGaAs MSM PD. The
device also shows a low capacitance of 0:8 pF and a high 3 dB bandwidth of 2:4GHz.
By ®tting the measured frequency response to a model consisting of both RC time and
transit time limited responses, we show that the device has an RC time and a transit
time limited 3 dB bandwidth of 3.0 and 4:9 GHz, respectively.
0306-8919 (print)
1572-817X (online)
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