Source Follwer가 집적된 능동형 반도체 미세전극 어레이의 제작
Active Semiconductor Microelectrode Array With Monolithically Integrated Source Followers

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안순관; 탁금영; 김성준
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대한의용생체공학회 = The Korean Society of Medical & Biological Engineering
제24회 대한의용생체공학회 춘계학술대회, pp. 94-95, 경주, 2001년 5월 25-26일
An active semiconductor microelectrode array is fabricated with monolithically integrated source followers for recording neural signal from CNS(central nervous system). Source follower as an impedance buffer for effective neural signal recording is designed and fabricated using 1.5 ㎛ standard CMOS process technology of SNI ISRC (Interuniversity Semiconductor Research Center). In order to make the structure of electrode, the backside of the water was etched by isotropic dry-etching after making trench on front side of the water on which have CMOS circuits. In the aspect of process time and the CMOS compatibility, the backside dry-etching method is superior to the wet-etching method that has been used generally. By measuring the circuit characteristics after every step of process, we can prove the source follower works functionally without any change of characteristics. This result suggests that our silicon microelectrode fabrication process is compatible with standard CMOS process technology.
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