일본 제국의회의 의원법 제정사 -의원의 자율권을 중심으로-
The making History of the Parliamentary Law in the Empire of Japan

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.44 No2 pp.81-100
명치시대의 제국의회대일본제국헌법
The process in which a nation becomes a modern constitutional nation always
accompanies many problems. For example, when the Empire of Japan enacted
national basic laws such as the constitution and the parliamentary law in the
Meiji period, the laws were affected by those of Germany, Austria and France,
causing many problems.
In other words, how the constitution and the parliamentary law were related to
each other in enacting the constitution and the parliamentary law and how the
Japanese emperor and the parliament were related to each other in the empire of
Japan are raised as an important issue. That is to say, how the relationship
between the Japanese emperor and the autonomic rights of the parliament was
established becomes an important issue.
The set-up of the imperial parliament itself also is among the problems caused
by how the power of the Japanese emperor (In other words, the government)
and that of the parliament are established in the situation that the imperial
parliament resulted from many liberal civil right movements.
This study especially clarified the process in which the Meiji constitution dealt
with the law draft right and the report right of the parliament, the interpellation
right of the parliament on the government, the power of the parliament on the
budget and the infringement on the privileges of the parliament.
First, law submission right of the parliament wasn't approved at first, but later
it was approved by reexamination conference. This is the limits of the imperial
parliament which only serves as cooperator of the Japanese emperor as far as...
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