파리 소재 외규장각 도서 반환 협상의 문제점
The Negotiations to Retrieve the Wae-Kyujanggak Manuscripts Currently in Custody of the Paris National Library; What are the Flaws and Problems?

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.44 No3 pp.135-170
1866년 외규장각 자료약탈문화재의 반환은 국제법상 의무한불 정부간 협상프랑스 국립도서관
Ever since the Seoul National University had filed an official request of the
return of the Wae-Kyujanggak materials currently located in France in 1991, the
Korean public's interest in their own cultural artifacts and properties currently in
the hands of other countries(such as Japan and other nations, etc.) has
considerably increased. And as a result, a general consensus demanding the
return of such materials was established.
The negotiations with the French representatives to retrieve the Wae-
Kyujanggak materials had initially brought us some positive results. An
agreement was reached regarding the procedure of ‘permanently renting’ the
materials and thus opening a new chapter of cultural trade relationship between
the two countries. And France regressed from its initial position requiring from
Korea only age-old book materials for the trade, and newly agreed to receive
other forms of cultural artifacts or even cultural artifacts of another countries
(such as Japan, China, etc.) instead.
Yet Mr. Han Sang Jin, the head representative of the new negotiation team
dispatched in 1999, and also oddly unaware of the achievements of previous
negotiations, conducted negotiations twice in October 2000 and July 2001 in
which he agreed with the French representatives on terms of trading materials in
exactly equal nature. That is to say, a new agreement, dictating that Royal...
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