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Hardware Design of Module Type Remote Sensing Sensor Node

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유영민; 김재윤; 박찬국
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한국군사과학기술학회 = The Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology
한국군사과학기술학회 2009년 종합학술대회, 제주, 2009년 8월 27-28알
Sensor nodeBase StationCCRRemote SensingHardware
This paper describes a conceptual design and actual implementation of multi-arranged remote sensing node for obtaining self position and transmitting remote sensing information to the base station through optical signal. The sensor node equipped with CCR(Corner Cube Retro-reflect) and photo detector reflects the optical signal transmitted from base station with known position. Therefore the base station can measure distance and line of sight angle from the sensor node with the reflected signal. In this implementation, a step motor can control reflection angle of CCR for modulating received optical signal. Acoustic sensors, magnetic sensors and accelerometers are equipped to detect unknown objects and the ARM processor and signal conditioning circuit are used for handling both digital and analog signals from the sensors. Such designed sensor node consists of five circuit-module-layers and each layer can be assembled together according to the purpose of experiment.
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