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Geometric Pattern Recognition Using Geometric Hashing in Vision Based Head Tracker System

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신옥식; 허세종; 박찬국
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한국군사과학기술학회 = The Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology
한국군사과학기술학회 2009년 종합학술대회, 제주, 2009년 8월 27-28알
Geometric hashingHausdorff distancePoint pattern matchingVision based head tracker
This paper presents the optical head tracker system that estimates the position and attitude of the helmet from the stereo image of two CCD cameras. This head tracker consists of two infrared CCD cameras, infrared LEDs that are stuck on the helmet and computer for image processing. LEDs are a feature points that is arranged in a specific pattern. The algorithm of this system consists of feature segment process, projective reconstruction process and pattern reconstruction process. Pattern reconstruction process that is described in this paper classifies into the same feature points in each frame to obtain the position and attitude of the helmet. In this process, it uses geometric hashing which is a representative technique for model based object recognition in computer vision. But, the performance of geometric hashing degrades rapidly as the noise increase. So, this paper describes a geometric pattern recognition using a modified Haussdorf distance in voting process unlike the general method of geometric hashing.
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