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Experimental Induction of Immunological Adrenalitis -A Histopathologic Study on Response to Repeated Injections of Homologous and Heterologous Adrenal Tissue Antigen with Adjuvant in Rabbits-

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1973;14(2):119-129
Immunological adrenal injury was produced in
rabbits by repeated injections of pooled homologous
and heterologous adrenal tissue homogenates
respectivly, incorporated into Freund’s complete
adjuvant. to elucidate the histopathologic features
and determine the mechanisms of adrenal cell
1. Various degree of widespread adrenal lesions
were found in 14 of 18 animals receiving homologous
tissue antigen and to a lesser extent in one out of
9 animals injected with heterologous pooled antigen
2. Those adrenal lesions were characterized by
progressive alteration of both inflammatory and
retrogressive changes in the deeper cortex and
medulla; the earlier changes consisted of perisinu •
soidal cellular hyperplasia in the deeper layer of
cortex, and appeared on the 6th week following the
first injection, with subsequent confluence 'of such
lesions by prolongation of experimental duration.
3. Major histologic changes included earlier focal
perisinusoidal lithoral cell proliferation followed by
mononuclear cell aggregations, but soon with intense
inflammatory process, cytoplasmic eosinophilia,
nuclear pyknosis and cytolysis in the later group
4, The adrenal cortex illustrated selective localiza
tion of such lesions in the deeper portion of zona
fasciculata and reticularis, being most extensive in
the cortico-medullary junction. No lesions were
found in either zona glomerulosa or outer fasciculata;
such a selective involvement was probably attributable
to the development of sinusoidal structures
and lithoral cells.
5. Medullary changes, though mainly affecting
cortico-medullary junction, were always associated
with deeper cortical lesions. and none of those
animals disclosed isolated medullary involvement.
It was anticipated that ectopic cells as well as
simultaneous administration of medullary tissue
antigen might playa significant role
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