녹이의 CCl4에 의한 백서간손상 및 방사선장해에 미치는 영향에 대하여
Effect of Deer-Horn on CCI4 Induced Liver Injury and X-Irradiated Damage in Rats

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1973;14(2):191-205
Following experiments were designed for the study
of effects of deer-horn extract on CCl, induced
liver injury and on X-irradiation damage in albino
Male rats of Wistar hybrid , weighting 150±10 g,
were divided into 6 groups , consisting of 10 or 12
animals each. Three groups were each used for
control, CCl, administration and CCIo giving but
pretreatment with deer-horn extract, and another
three groups were also used for control , X•rradiation
and X-irradiation but pretreated with deerhorn.
Animals were sacrificed 18 hours after CCI‘
administration or 24 hours after whole hody X
irradiation with the dose of 8ooT. Liver and small
intestine were removed immediately for the determination
of contents of ATP, nucleic acids and
lipids in liver, and lipid conte:>ts in small intestine
mucous membrance.
Following resnlts were obtained.
1) The ATP contents of CCl, poisoned livers was
13.4±2.9T/g wet tissue, indicating much less value
than 32. 5±4. 9T/g of control value, and that of
CCI, given group pretreated with deer-horn was
20. 9±1. 8T/g, it was thus shown that the previous
administration of deer-horn alleviated the decrease
in hepatic ATP level of CCI‘ poisoned animals.
2) No appreciable alteration was observed in the
hepatic nucleic acid contents by CCl‘ administration,
consequently without deer-horn effect. RNA content
in hepatic mitochondria, however, was 7. 3±0. 5 pg/
100 μg N in CCl. poisoned rats, compared to 9.2±
0.2 pg/100 pg N of control value, and to 9. 5±1. 5 pg/
100 pg N in CCI, poisoned but deer-horn pretreated
group. It was thus shown that the previous administration
of deer-horn normalized the mitochondrial
RNA content in CCl, poisoned liver.
3) The triglyceride content of CCl. poisoned liver
was 15. 4±5. 0 mg/g wet tissue, being much higher
than 3. 5±0. 7 mg/g of control value, and that of
CCI, given but deer•horn pretreated group was
9. 2±3.8 mg/g, which is intermediate between control
ane CCl. given groups. The hepatic cholesterol
content of CCl, given group pretreated with deer
horn was 7. 5±1. 0 mg/g, indication higher value
than control one of 6. 4±1. 2 mg/g, but much lower
value than 11. 5±4. 0 mg/g in CCI. given group.
The hepatic phospholipid contents of control, CCI‘
given and CCI. given but deer-horn pretreated
groups, were 39. 1±3. 3 mg/g wet tissue. 41. 0±3. 6
mg/g and 40±7. 8 mg/g, respectively.
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