한국에 있어서 요충(Enterobius Vermicularis)에 관한 역학적 조사
Epidemiological Studies on Enterobius vermicularis in Korεa.

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서병설; 임한종
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(1):23-27
infections found in man. particularly in children.
Many surveys have been made to determine the
prevalence of infection with Eμterobius vermicularis
at the various areas of the world. In the United
States an incidence of 35 to 41 per cent has been
reported in the general population.1) Stoll (1947)2)
has calculated the world incidence of this infection
to be over 200 millions.
Various local surveys show an incidence in school
children.ranging from one per cent in Guam to 100
per cent in Amsterdam during the war years.3)
However only a few investigations on the incidence
of enterobiasis have been made in this country.
According to the previous surveys. Hunter et al.
(1949) 1) reported an incidence of 20. 2 per cent in 84
persons. and Chyu (1957) " reported 19.7 per cent in
1, 529 school children aged 6 to 15 years by Tulane
scotch tape method.
The purpose of the present studies is to determine
the incidence of enterobiasis among children and to
make a comparison with the rate of infection in different
population groups. Brief surveys were also
undertaken for the detection of E.vεrmicularis ova
in the dirt beneath the finger-nails of children and
in the dust collected from the floor of various rooms.
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