한국인 태아 신장에 관한 연구 제1편 형태학적 관찰
Studies on the Kidney of the Korean Fetus I. Morphological Observation

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(1):37-59
Author observed morphologically and stastically the
kidneys of 542 (0288. l? 254) Korean Fetuses and g
otthe conclusion as follows:
1. Among the three kinds of the linear measurements:
kidney length , kidney width and kidney thickness, the
kidney length is the largest and kidney thickness is
the smallest.
The average means of three measurements increased
gradually with the constant ratios as the fetal age
2. Until the 5th month of fetal age kidney weight
and kidney volume increased slowly. from the 5th
month to 7th month rather rapidly and after that
more rapidly.
3. The index of kidney length to body length
increased very slowly as the fetal age proceeded , and
this indicate that the kidney length developed a little
more rapidly than the body length.
4. The indices of width to length and thickness to
length of the kidney were almost constant through
the entire fetal period.
5. The index of kidney weight to body weight
increased very slowly as the fetal age proceeded , and
this fact indicate that the kidney weight developed
more rapidly than the body weight.
6. The boundaries of the kidney lobes were distinct
during the 6th- 9th fetal months and rather indistinct
during the 4th , 5th and 10th fetal months.
The number of the lobes of each kidney was 16~
17 in average.
7. There was no sexual difference.
8. The difference between the right and left sides
was not so conspicuous but in general length of left
kidney , width of right kidney , thickness of left kidney
and weight of left kidney were greater than that of
the opposite side.
9. Concering the racial differences, the size of the
Korean fetus kidney is quite same as the Japanese
but smaller than the European.
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