서울시민의 출산에 관한 연구
Study on Fertility of Seoul Inhabitants

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(1):61-69
The investigation concerning Productivity. Natural
and artificial abortion. Contraception and Still-birth
was carried out by special survey through home
visiting of 1. 160 households out of 32 Dong from
March to August 1962 and also special survey through
reporting to Donghoe from 1960 to 1961. It was
summerized as follows:
1. The most frequent age of marriage was 25 in
male and 20 in female but mean age of marriage 27.7
in former and 21.7 in latter
2. In average difference of marital age between men and women the pairs of 3 years elder male than
female were at most.
3. Number of production was at most in age group
of 25-29.
4. Month specific number of production showed less
in April and May and more in September and
5. Natural abortion occured frequently in 3 months
pregnancy and the frequency was 1 time at most.
6. Artificial abortion showed same as above.
7. Artificial abortion was performed at most in age
group of 25-29.
8. The age of practising contraception was at most
in age group of 25-29 and the reason of contraception
was “Unneccessary of kids" at around half. and the
methods of contraception was instruments (Condom
& Pessary) at most.
9. Production as well as Still-birth showed decreasing
in 1961 compared with 1960. The productivity
was 32.6 in 1960 and 27.7 in 1961.
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