Some Experiεnces on the Treatment of Japanese Encephalitis
일본 뇌염치료에 대한 몇가지 경험

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Chun, Chong-Whee; Ryo, Chon-Kee
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(2):1-5
It is widely accepted that there is no known
specific chemotherapeutic agent against arboxvirusencephalitis.
One who is interested in Japanese
encephalitis will easily appreciate the fact that, as
there are great variations in its pathological changes
as to its location, extent of invasion, and accordingly
in its pathophysiological aspects, real pathogenesis
of encephalitis cannot easily be grasped.
We must confess that there has been no systematic
research into the biochemical explanation on the pathogenesis
of encephalitis to the present day , though
it is a very difficult task.
At present we cannot but treat the encephalitis
cases symptomatically, but the importance of basic
knowledge which will be used as a therapeutic
guide can not be denied. Our concept and basic
knowledge of this disease , however , was lacking
in objectivity and was at most conventional up to
this day
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