각종 위질환에 있어서의 위점막 장형화생과 위산도와의 관계에 관한 연구
A Study on the Intestinalization of Gastric Mucosa and Gastric Acidity in Various Gastric Diseases

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선우영; 김자훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1972;13(1):25-34
Intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa has
been long recognized, but the relationship between the metaplasia and the gastric acidity has been
little recorded.
In order to observe the influence of the frequency
and the degree of mucosal metaplasia upon the gastric
acidity. the author reviewed 111 resected stomach
specimens on the basis of gastric juice analysis and
pathologic aspect.
The cases observed were 48 cases of gastric tumor,
44 of gastric ulcer , 14 of duodenal ulcer and 5 of
chronic gastritis.
The results obtained are as follows:
1) Of a total of 111 cases , 55.8% ~howed mild to
severe intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa,
which were 62.5% in gastric tumors. 56.8% gastric
ulcers, 21.4% in duodenal ulcers and 80.0% in chronic
2) The frequency of intestinal metaplasia of the
gastric mucosa as to the gastric acidity was 76. 4%
in hypoacidity, 69.4% in anacidity, 43.7% in normoacldity
and 30.0% in hyperacidity respectively:
while in gastric tumors. 75.0% of hypoacldity cases ,
64.5% of anacidity cases.50% of hyperacidity cases,
and none of normoacidity cases; in gastric ulcers ,
75.0% of hypoacidity cases , 100% of anacidity cases.
54.5% of normoacidity case~ and 40.0% of hyperacldity
cases; in duodenal ulcers. 27.2% of normoacidity
cases and none of other acidity cases; and in
chronic gastrltes. 100% of hypo-and anacidity cases.
As for the Grade n- m metaplasia. there were
66.6% of hypoacidity cases , 48.3% anacidity cases,
none of normo-and hyperacidity cases in gastric
tumors: 75.0% of hypoacidity cases , 48.4% of normoacidity
cases , 40.0% of hyperacidity and none of
anacidity cases in gastric ulcers; 18.1% of normoacldity
cases in duodenal ulcers; and 100% of hypoand
anacidity cases in chronic gastrites.
3) It is, therefore. apparent that the frequency of
intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa increases
in accordance with the decrease of the gastric acidity,
irrespective of primary disease of the stomach; and
the degree of metaplasia is also roughly corelated with
the decrease of the gastric acidity. but not proportional
to variety of acidity.
4) It would thus appear that one of factors respo
nsible to decrease of the gastric acidity in gastric
diseases could be ascribed to the corresponding presence
of the intestinalization of the gastric mucosa.
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