폐흡충(Paragonimus Wesermani) 및 췌질(Eurytrema Pancreaticum)의 포도당대사에 관한 연구
Paper Chromatographic Analysis on the Carbohydrate Metabolism of the Lung Fluke, Paragonimus westermani and the Pancreatic Fluke, Eurytrema pancreaticum

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안종호; 서병설
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1972;13(4):235-242
Metabolic studies on the parasites are of
great interest in comparative physiology, and
important for the understanding of hostparasite
relationship, rational diagnosis and
treatment of the parasites.
There have been many contributions in the
studies of carbohydrate metabolism in parasitic
helminthes, but only a little informations
are available concerning the intermediary
metabolism of carbohydrate in trematodes.
Recently, radioactive isotope labeled carbohydrate
has served to elucidate the various
metabolic schemes of a certain trematodes.
In the chinese liver fluke, Cloηorchis sinensis
, considerable amount of exogenous HCglucose
was absorbed (Hahn et aI. , 1961),
and the distributio '1 of this labeled substance
was demonstrated by autoradiography (Hahn
et aI. , 1962: Seo & Lee, 1971). Kang et al.
(1969) showed the evidences of anaerobic
glycolysis and Krebs cycle activity in this
fluke by me3ns of chrvmatography combined
with au toradiography.
Bryant & \Villiams (1962) found relatively
high percentage of the labeled carbon in glycolytic
intermediates and end products in
Fasciola hepa tt'ca. Seo et al. (1964a) studied
on the quantitative analysis of the metabolic
process of exogenous HC-glucose by F. hepatica,
and similar experiments were carried
out by Eμrytrema paηcreaticμm (Seo et aI. ,
1964b), and Paramphz'stomum cervi (Seo et
aI. , 1965a). Park et al. (1967) clarified the
uptake and distribution of HC-succinate in
E. pancreaticum and it was also studied by
C. siηeηsis (Hahn 1971) by means of macroand
microautoradiography. Thersell et al.
(1968) observed the fate and distribution of
HC-glucose by using autoradiography, paper
electrophoresis and paper chromatograph} by
F. hepatica. By the lung fluke, Paragonimus
westermaηi, Hamajima (1966a, b & 1967)
had proved the intermediary metabolites of
carbohydrate and protein by means of chromatography.
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