한국인태아 고관절발육에 관한 연구
Studies on Morphological Development of Hip Joint of Korean Fetus in Middle and Later Stages of Prenatal Lif

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dc.identifier.citationSeoul J Med 1966;7(3):19-42en
dc.description.abstractThe development feature of the fetal hip joint in,
the middle and later stages of the fetal period has
been studied by means of the anatomical measurements,
。n the various items, such as; the joint capsule,
accessory ligaments, articular fossa, articular labrum,
acetabulum, head of the femur, neck of the femur ,
and upper end of the femur.
The materials used for present observation are the
right hip joints from the 383 cases (190 cases of male
and 193 cases of female) of the Korean fetuses aged
from the 4th to the 10th month of the intrauterine
1. The growth of the various constituents paπicipating
the hip joint is shown by a relatively rapid
increment of the measurements with the time until
the 6th month, and is followed by a relatively slow
one thereafter.
2. A relatively rapid growth has been observed on
the various measurements in comparison with that of
the corresponding fetal body length except the thickness
of round ligament of the femur head , the width
of articular labrum, the width of the lunate surface
of the acetabulum, and the anterior length of the
femur neck.
3. The index drawn from trans-diameters on th ecross
sectional area of the femur neck is higher than
that of the adult. The higher index is supported by
the fact that the supero-inferior diameter of the femur
neck at the 10th month is still in underdeveloped'
status in comparison with that of the other one.
dc.publisher서울대학교 의과대학en
dc.title한국인태아 고관절발육에 관한 연구en
dc.title.alternativeStudies on Morphological Development of Hip Joint of Korean Fetus in Middle and Later Stages of Prenatal Lifen
dc.typeSNU Journalen
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorChun, Dong Jin-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorLee, Myung Bok-
dc.citation.journaltitle서울 의대 잡지 = 서울 의대 학술지 = Seoul Journal of Medicine-
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