서울대 규장각 소장, 토정-약현 세책 고소설 연구
A Study on the Tojeong-Yakhyeon sechaek(book rental) Old Novels Possessed by the Kyujanggak at Seoul National University

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.66, pp. 147-167
sechaekBook rentalGwkhaeryongjeonGeumhyangjeonggiGimhongjeonJeongeulseonjeonHwachungseonsaengjeonHanhuryongjeon
서울대학교 규장각 한국학연구원에는 ·····<까지 모두 6종의 세책 고소설(貰冊古小說)이 소장되어 있다. 이 책들은 모두 조선시대 서울의 대표적인 서민 취락지역이었던 마포(麻浦)의 토정(土汀)과 서소문밖 중림동(中林洞) 약현(藥峴)에 존재했던 세책점(貰冊店)에서 영리를 목적으로 필사하여 대여해주던 것들이다. 그동안 세책 고소설이 소장되어 있는 기관은 여러 곳이 확인되었지만 그 중에서도 동양문고(東洋文庫)·경도대학(京都大學)·이화여대·규장각은 특정 세책점이 보유하고 있던 여러 종의 세책 고소설을 소장하고 있어서, 세책점의 규모와 운영 실태, 세책이 지닌 특성, 세책의 독자, 세책 텍스트 간의 관계 등을 규명해 볼 수 있다는 점에서 주목된다.
This article considered the characteristics and status of six types of sechaek (book rental) old novels including Gwakhaeryongjeon, Geumhyangjeonggi, Gimhongjeon, Jeongeulseonjeon, Hwachungseonsaengjeon, and Hanhuryongjeon possessed as sechaek by the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies at Seoul National University.

Until now, several institutions have been confirmed to possess sechaek old novels; however, Dongyang Books, Gyeongbuk Provincial College, Ewha Womans University, and Kyujanggak possess several types of sechaek old novels that were owned by specific sechaek stores. From this, it is noteworthy that the size and operation of sechaek stores, characteristics of sechaek, readers of sechaek, and the relationship between sechaek texts can be identified.

In particular, sechaek old novels possessed by the Kyujanggak, which will be dealt with in this article, are quite advanced among sechaeks that have been confirmed to date in terms of the period of transcription. Also, of these old sechaek novels, “Kimhongjeon” and “Hanhuryongjeon” only exist at the Kyujanggak; while sechaeks with the same titles of “Gwakhaeryongjeon”, “Geumhyangjeonggi”, “Jeongeulseonjeon”, and “Hwachungseonsaengjeon” exist in sechaek stores in regions other than Seoul. This is very important because it means that it is possible to confirm detailed facts about the relationship among sechaek stores and mutual issues of sechaek texts.
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