한국인 대뇌측두극부(Brodmann 제38피질분야) 뇌구벽부의 세포구축학적 연구
Studies on the Cytoarchitectonics of the Temporal Pole Area(Brodmann’s Area of 38) of the Korean Cerebral Hemisphere

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1969;10(3):35-58
This investigation is a study on the cytoarchitectonics
of the wall of the cerebral sulcus in the temporal pole
area of 159 Korean brains (97 brains of the male, from
the newborn to the age of 85, 62 brains of the female ,
from the newborm to the age of 60). The thickness
of the total cortex and each corticallayer, the relative
neuron density and the relative glia density in C100μ)3
of each cortical layer and the relative total neuron and
glia densities of the cortex were observed and the
results were summerized as follows:
1. The mean thickness of the cortex in the 0~1
year group was 1. 62~ 1. 83mm, which was 72.7% of
the adult cortex thickness and increased to 2. 11~2. 22
mm in the 2~5 year group which was 90% of the
adult and thereafter it increased to the adult mean
thickness in the 11~15 year group, and thereafter it
was relatively stable. The mean thickness of the adult
cortex was 2. 37mm. The thickness of the cortex
increased gradually as the brain weight increased to
1. 400 gms and thereafter it was relatively stable.
2. The highest neuron density in the 0-1 year group
decreased rapidly to the adult mean value in the 1115
year group and thereafter it was reatively stable.
The mean neuron density of the adult cortex was 383.
As the relationship between the neuron density and
the brain weight, it was highest in 300-500 gms
stage of brain weight and decreased rapidly in the
700-899 gms stage and decreased gradually to the
adult mean value in the 1.200-1. 299 gms stage and
thereafter it decreased slowly.
3. The highest glia density was observed in the
0-1 year group but it was lower than the neuron
density in the same age group and it decreased very
rapidly to the minimum value in the 2-5 year group
and following this it gradually increased. In the 500699
gms stage of the brain weight the mean glia
density was highest and deceased very rapidly to the
minimum value in the 1.100-1. 199 gms stage, thereafter
it increased graduay as the brain afieght increased.
4. The neuron density and glia density had no
sexual difference and left •right difference.
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