한국인 태아 대뇌상두정소엽(Brodmann 제7피질분야)의 세포구축학적 연구
Studies on the Development and Cytoarchitectonics of the Cerebral Cortex in the Superior Parietal Lobule (Brodmann’ s Area of 7) of the Cerebrum of Korean Fetus

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오달수; 이명복
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1969;10(3):59-73
The author studied on the development and cytoar•
chitectonics of the cerebral cortex in the Brodmann’ s
area of 7 of the 133 (male 69, female 64) Korean fetal
brains, and summarized the result as follows;
1. The thickness of the cerebral cortex was very
thin of O. 393mm at the fourth month of fetal age and
increased very rapidly in the fifth and sixth month.
slowly from the seventh to the ninth month , and very
rapidly again in the tenth month. As to the relation
between brain weight and the thickness of the cerebral
cortex, the thickness of the cerebral cortex was very
thin under 50gm of brain weight; increased very
rapidly until the brain weight gaind to 101-150gm,
thereafter increased slowly to 301-350gm and increased
very rapidly again over 350gm of brain weight.
2. The dfferentiation of the lamination of the
cerebral cortex began a diverge in the sixth fetal
month , and the lamination of the cortex occured
almost completly at the seventh fetal month.
As the relation of the differentiation of the cerebral
cortex with the brain weight , it began a diverge from
51gm to 100gm of the brain weight, but there might
be an individual difference of lamination.
3. The relative cell density of the cerebral cortex
cannot be measured under the fifth month of fetal age ,
but possibly measured in the sixth month of fetal age. The relative cell density of the corebral cortex was
very high in the sixth and the seventh fetal month.
and thereafter it decreased gradually as the increase
of fetal age. As the relation of the relative cell density
with the brain weight. the relative cell density was
very high up to ‘150gm of brain weight. and thereafter
it decreased gradually as the increase of the brain
weight. The absolute cell density was found the
resemblance of the relative cell density.
4. The nerve cells of the fetal' cortex might be increased
very rapi d,ly up to the seventh month of fetal
age. and thereafter the number of the nerve cells of
the cortex might be stabilized.
6. Thickness of the cortex. the relative cell density
and absolute cell density of the cerebral cortex had
almost no sexual difference.
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