유간동내 산도 및 정체가 위산분비에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적 연구
The Influence of Stasis and Acidity of the Antrum on the Acid Secret ion in Denervated Fundic Pouch and Antral Pouch Dogs .

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1969;10(4):23-29
In mongrel dogs with denervated total gastric pouch
devided in two parts by a mucosal septum constructed
at the junction of antral and fundic mucosa, the effect
on acid output from fundic pouch in response to acidity
and stasis of antral pouch perfusing with prepared
stimulant solution of various pH was observed.
The stimulant solution was prepared with O. 1%
acetylcholine in saline. The pH of the solution was
varied between 1. 0 and 8.0, using the stimulant mixture
added with HCI or NaOH.
When the stimulant solution of various pH was
introduced into antral pouch for 3hr, 5hr, and 15hr
period, the acid output from the fundic pouch was
collected for 10hr or 15hr secretion , divided in 2 or
3 fractions of 5hr interval.
By comparison of acid output (mEq) introduced each
stimulant of various pH into antral pouch, optimal
condition of pH was determined for release of gastrin
from antrum.
When the antral stasis was induced by the various pH
solutions introduced into antral pouch for 5hrs or 15hrs,
the amount(mEq) of acid output for 15hr period was
compared in each case. Furthermore, in order to
observe the phasic susceptibility of antral mucosa to
various solutions, acid secretion for every 5hr interval
was studied comparatively in case of the antral stasis
for 15hrs.
The results are as follows:
1. The antral phase of gastric secretion is most
active at a pH of 6 and the optimal range of pH was
5 to 7.
2. The antral stasis with stimulant solution above
level of pH 3 resulted in continuous secretion of acid.
But the susceptibility of antral mucosa in response to
each pH solution was almost constant in any fraction
of 5hr intervals.
3. Acidification of the antrum below pH of 2 showed
an inhibition of gastric acid secretion at the level of
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