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Cardiac Output aud Plasma Potassium Ion Concentration

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김재건; 김우겸
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(1):11-17
Cardiac output was determined in rabbit under
various plasma potassium ion concentration by the
intravenous infusion of potassium chloride solution.
Cardiac output was calculated anaiyzing the saline
dilution curve drawn on physiograph. theextraarterial
conductivity. using Stewart-Hamilton formula.
Under each level of plasma potassium ion
concentration, arterial pH was measured and relation
between them was analyzed.
I. Normal cardiac output measured by saline conductivity
method in rabbit (2.0-2.8 kg) was 76(±4. 3)
ml/min. Stroke volume. heart rate. mean arterial
blood pressure and total peripheral resistance were
0.20 (±O. 026)mI. 261(±6. 1) Imino 102 (±3.6) mm
Hg and 1.34 (±0.158) mmHg/ml/min. respectively.
2. Increasing the plasma potassium ion concentra•
tion from 2.9 to 3.8. 4.8 and 5.7 mEq/L. Cardiac
output decreased from 76ml/min to 51(±4.9). 55
(±12.3) and 33 (±13.7) ml/min. respectively
3. Increasing the plasma potassium ion concentra•
tioD, there was negligible changes in stroke volume ,
however heart rate decreased inversly to pota •
ssium ion concentration. Therefore it appears that
the decrease of cardiac output would be primarily due to the decrease of heart rate. Heart rate decreased
from 261 to 245. 195 and 152 beats/min. respectively.
4. Bl ood pressure maintained fairly constant in
hyperkalemia. however in severe hyperkalemia it
tended to decrease. Total peripheral resistance increased
proportionally to plasma potassium ion concentration
from 1.34 mmHg/ml/min to 2.10. 1.97 and
2.60 mmHg/ml/min. respectively. Decreasing plasma
potassium ion concentration from 2.9 to 2.3 mEq/L
there was no detectable changes in hemodynamics.
5. The piasma hydrogen ion concentration in corre
spand to increase of plasma potassium ion concentration
was approximately proportional each other.
Increasing potassium ion concentration from 2.9 to
5.7 mEq/L. hydrogen ion concentration increased
from 38 to 79 nM/L.
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