인태아대뇌 상측두회(Brodmann 제22피질분야) 피질의 발육 및 세포구축학적 연구
A Study on Development and Cytoarchitectonics of Cerebral Cortex in Superior Temporal Gyrus (Brodmann's Area of 22) in Normal Korean Fetus

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(1):54-68
The authors have made a study of the quantitative
changes in the early development of human brain
with special reference to the growth and cytoarchitectonics
of cortex in the superior temporal gyrus
(Brodmann’s area of 22) in a sample of 118 Korean
fetal brains (61 of male and 57 of femal) of which
the age ranged from 5th month to completion of
fetal life. The sumary of the findings is as follows:-
1. The average thickness of cerebral cortex in
fetal age of 5 months was estimated at O.7mm, and
its growth pattern showed a rather rapid until the
7th month of fetal age , and thereafer with a
relatively slower rate, it reached at mean value of
1.86mm in the age of 10th month. The thickness
of cortex was measured at O. 7mm on the average
for the brain with the weight of less than 50gm,
and the relation between the thickness of cortex
and the weight of brain showed that the development
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