Anatomic Asymmetry in Temporal Speech Area in Developing Human Brains
인체언어뇌야의 좌우비대칭

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Chi, Je G.; Kim, Young Whan
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(3):108-111
The observation of marked differences between the
two cerebral hemispheres in the intellectual functions
in man sparked a search for corresponding anatomic
asymmetry. Numerous studies looked for left-right
differences. However. no consistent anatomic differences
between the left and right hemispheres were
observed for gross measures of total length, weight
or volume
Within the last decade a revival of interest in an
atomic asymmetry, particularly in certain portions of
the brains, was ushered in by Geschwind and Levit
sky (1968) . They examined the language areas in the
temporal lobes and found that the left planum temporale
(posterior portion of Heschl gyrus) was much
larger than the right. This difference was confirmed
by several subsequent studies (Witelson et aI. , 1973;
Wada et aI. , 1975; Rubens et aI. , 1976).
If the neuroanatomic asymmetry is present in aduIt
s. OTIC obvious question that follows is whether it is
present in the brains of human infants. And the av
ailable studies(Witelson et aI. , 1973; LeMay and Cu
lehras, 1972; Chi et aI. , 1977) with infants indicate
that the left planum temporale is consistently larger
than the right and to an extent comparable to that
in adults
The neuroanatomic asymmetry observed in neonates
might indicate that there may be a preprogammed
neural substrate for the left hemisphere to be specialized
for linguistic functions , and the anatomic asymrnetry
is not the result of ontogenetic environmental
influences and learning
This study was supported in part by the research
grant of Seoul National University Hospital and China
Medical Board research grant No‘ 71-732- II •5
*junior med;';al student
This study was aimed to observe the development
of the temporal speech area in human fetuses , from
its first appearance to its full establishment at terms.
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